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How To Win At UNO

Ok so your friends or family want you to play UNO and you really don’t feel like it, or maybe you do. If you want to completely smash them then follow along as I tell you how to win at UNO. I use these methods all the time to completely trash my nieces.

How To Win At UNO 101

First things first in order to win at UNO, you have to be willing to cheat, yes I said cheat. I know some of you are like YOU CHEATER!! yes that’s right I freaking cheat and i’m really good at it too. The reason is simple free labor, thats how I get my nieces to write me articles on this website from time to time. Follow my proven steps below and you can win at UNO 99% of the time.

The Shuffle

When it’s your turn to shuffle, pay attention to the cards. Some decks of UNO has special cards, the deck we have has a swap player hands card (which is my favorite) this card let’s you swap your hand with anyone you wish at any time. There are also Draw 4 cards and Wild cards, these are freaking great cards too.

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During the shuffle I usually watch one card and I work it to the bottom of the UNO deck. Then what i do is is take it and quickly put it on top of the deck. Now depending on the number of players, for me it’s usually three, my two nieces and me being the third. How ever many other people are playing besides you, you take that many cards and put it on top. Now when you deal out the cards you are guaranteed to get the good card.

Like I said before this card I usually give myself is either the swap card, which is a must if that’s the UNO deck you have, or one of the Draw 4 cards.

Remember you can use this trick, any time it’s your turn to shuffle. I use it a lot when all the cards have been drawn, they always are too lazy to shuffle, guess what I’ll shuffle and I’ll be sure to know roughly where the card I want is, I’ll sometimes take a wild card after I put the deck down.

The UNO Discard

Now sometimes when it’s my turn and it’s toward the middle of the game, Instead of putting down one card when its my turn, I’ll lay down a couple cards. First I get the cards and hold them as one and then I get ready to lay them down. You have to lay them down as one card, so you have to do this in the most natural way possible. You just hold them together using your two fingers and lay them down gently but quick. You shouldn’t hesitate here or you will get BUSTED!

The 9’s and 6’s Trick

Sometimes I find that someone put down a 6 and then i look in my hand and I notice I don’t have that color, however I’ll have a 9 of a different color. If your quick about it you can lay a 9 off on a six and pretend its a 6, or vice versa, you could get away with laying a 6 on a 9, but once again you have to be quick about it, and don’t hesitate at all or you’ll get caught. When you do this try to cover the other card completely.

Draw For The Swap Card

If you have a hand full of cards and you don’t think no one else has the swap card, then just keep drawing until you get it. They will probably be laughing at you because you have to draw so many cards, that’s fine, just play along with them, and act like your just plum miserable. It doesn’t matter if you draw a ton of cards, because once you get the swap card, you get the joy of passing them all off to any sucker you want.

Stop Them From Going Out

If someone is down to one card and it comes your turn to play, don’t let them go out, you need to do whatever you can to change it to a suit you think they don’t have, or even better hit them with a draw 4 card. You need to keep drawing cards until you get either a draw 2 or draw 4 card, or at the least be able to change it to a color you know they don’t have. Do Not let them win, at this point it doesn’t matter how many cards you draw, if they go out you loose.



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