give dog medicine

How To Give Your Dog Medicine

If you never had to give your dog medicine before, then you are probably lost on how to go about it. If your dog’s medicine is in pill form then you can easily get him/her to take it by following these steps below.

How To Give Your Dog Medicine

First if your dog has a favorite treat such as just about anything tasty, you can put the medicine in it and feed it to them. The easiest way I know is to squish the medicine up in a pice of bread and then give it to your dog.

give dog medicine

You can also force your dog to swallow the medicine by opening up the dogs mouth and inserting the medicine.┬áThen you gently hold your dog’s mouth closed while tilting their head back, to where their nose point’s to the sky and gently massage up and down motion on their wind pipe or throat area. This will cause the dog to swallow, they may not swallow right away however, eventually they will swallow the medicine.


give a dog medicine

give dogs medicineLiquid medicine can be given the same way you just tilt your dogs head back and squirt the medicine into their mouth. You will need to hold on to their head because they will try to pull away as soon as your begin squirting. Then you can just hold their nose up and again gently massage the throat, until they swallow the medicine.



Make sure you never cram your hand into your dogs throat, or try to stick your fingers down the dogs throat, as this can cause your dog to gag and vomit up the medicine. You can also damage or scratch your dog’s throat by doing that. Just be patient with your dog and try to comfort them as much as possible, this makes giving them medication so much easier.


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